Welcome to Swedebeat

Fitness Radio

We are the proud sound creator behind many of the best known brands in the wellness and fitness market. 
We are Scandinavia's most hired fitness radio music company, with dedicated music in over 1.000 fitness clubs. 

Together with our customers we work out a sound that suits the brand and its target audiences. 
With music from Swedebeat you will be serving your customers a unique experience every hour, every day, year round.

The music comes from Spotiy´s new streambox that is the most modern and reliable in the market. 
No customer is too big or too small.

Fitnessclubs with hundreds of centers, a private fitness center or a franchisee
all enjoy of the same first class service.

All our products are 100% "fairtrade" Licenced by STIM & IFPI.

Please contact us for prices and more information.

Swedebeat Fitness Radio support