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M.A.X. Vol.11

M.A.X. Vol.11
M.A.X. Vol.11
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M.A.X. Vol. 11

The new M.A.X. takes all the crucial factors that require an interval, functional, athletic
or circuit training to motivate the trainer and drive it to maximum performance.
The perfect training tool for your class formats.
M.A.X.® is a pre-choreographed group fitness concept.
The uniformity allows the target groups to be approached optimally
and the customers can participate in every M.A.X. workout with the same exercises very effectively.

Intervall: 3 x 45s Power 15s Pause

The advantage of these mixes: an instructors voice counts and announces the start of exercise and rest time.
Optimal motivational support!


Activity Interval
Music style Club/Techno, House, POP
Brand Move-Ya