How can I access the mixes I bought in the Swedebeat shop?

There are two ways to access your downloadable products:

  1. Download from our webshop to your Mac or PC Computer

    • Go to your account page on and log in with the same credentials you used when shopping at
    • In the left column of your account click "My downloadable products". Click on the links to the products you would like to download.
    • Some browsers require you to right click on the link and choose "Save as".
    • We do not recomend Google Chrome as does not seem to work very well with our download site.
  2. Use the free Swedebeat Fitness Music App for smartphones and tablets

    • Download and install the latest version of the Swedebeat Fitness Music App from the App Store.
    • In the app‘s left menu touch the Swedebeat logo and log in with the same credentials you used when shopping at
    • Your available products will now list in the app. Touch the cloud-icon beside the products you wish to download and store locally on your smartphone or tablet.

iPhone app

Downloading the mixes cancels/stops.
  • Download one mix at a time.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Try another wifi-network.
Problems with interrupted playback.

The phone is probibly overloaded. This is solved easily by terminating background processes.
Double click on the "home" button, then swipe app-windows upwards to shut the app down.

Unsuccessful login with app

  • Password must only contain 0-9 A-Z
    Please go to login and change your password
  • If password ok but not able to login
    Check internet connection, Uninstall/reinstall the app and try again

General app troubleshooting

In most cases all kinds of app issues are solved through this checklist:

  • Login to your account in the webshop/my downloadable products. And look if all products are there.
  • In the app: Logout and login again to your account.
  • Uninstall/reinstall app.
  • Doublecheck that you use the same login in both app and webshop.