Aeromix - In the House DL

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Aeromix - In the House brings you a tasty house music selection by JADE SE7EN. Motivate yourself to get into tip top shape.

Aeromix - In the House is the perfect mix to your daily workout whether it’s an step class, spinning class, outdoor jog or home workout.
Make your workout truly fabulous with Aeromix - In the House.

Cardio Workout 32 Count : Approx. 59 Min.
Finals : 3 Min.
Cooldown : 4 Min.
BPM : 130
Class : Step, Dance

Compiled and Mixed by JADE SE7EN

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No. Track Artist BPM
Cardio Workout 32 Count    
1 Someone To Love (Original Mix) Adam Port 130
2 King Of My Castle (Crazibiza Remix) Wamdue Project 130
3 Jack To The Sound Of The Underground Addy Van Der Zwan & Hithouse & Jerry Beke  130
4 Intoxicated (Dan Grooves Intoxicated Dizco mix) Raw feat Amanda Wilson 130
5 Dont You Worry (Nathan C Remix) Kitten & The Hip 130
6 Girls Girls Girls (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Mix) Drums Of London 130
7  It Is Star Time (Original Mix) Phunk Investigation 130
8 Dont Call Me Baby (Original Mix) Kirill Slider 130
9 No Sugar (Club Mix) Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie ft. Shea Soul 130
10 Rescue Me (Mark Maitlands Techy ReRub) Chris Kaeser 130
11 Show Me Love (Club Mix) Tradelove 130
12 Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Original Mix) Jl & Afterman, Daddy Kool 130
13 Pum Back (Original Mix)  Tradelove 130
14 You & I (Mark Maitland ReRub) Michaël Canitrot 130
15 I Need A Miracle (Club Mix) Criminal Vibes 130
16 Lets Groove (Treitl Hammond Remix) Dr. Kucho vs The Lost Fingers 130
17 Funky Nassau (Original Mix) Federico Scavo 130
18 Jump (Club Mix) The Cube Guys Luciana 130
Finals: Intro&Build up 2x32 - Cardio 4x32 - Break & Build up 2x32 - Cardio 4x32
19 Jack To The Sound Of The Underground Addy Van Der Zwan & Hithouse & Jerry Beke  130
20 Wicked Games (Original Mix) Parra for Cuva 124