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goDEEP #4

goDEEP #4
goDEEP #4
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The MOVE YA! goDeep series is the ultimate music tool for all classes where athletic training is combined with the content of pilates training (for example, deepWORK, Urban Pilates).
The mix is divided into 3 parts: warm up, dynamic workout (about 50 minutes) and relaxation.
The special thing about the music at the workout part is that the emphasis here is on rhythmic, rousing beats, which perfectly support the motivation and will power.
With the goDeep #4, this workout part consists of energetic tribal house with dynamic drums, kicking beats and deep basslines.

recommended for Dance, Step
total time Approx. 79 min.
bpm DIV
music Tribal, Drums


Format Single CD
Aktivitet Step/Low
Musik genre Club/Techno, House, POP
Märke Move-Ya