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Aeromix - STHLM 2014 (Hard House) DL

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Aeromix - STHLM 2014 (Hard House) DL
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Aktivitet Aerobics/Hi-Lo, Box/Fight, Step+Aerobics
Musik genre Club/Techno, House, POP
Märke Aeromix

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159,00 SEK


Aeromix - STHLM 2014 (Hard House)

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Hard and fast, high bass sound keeps you dancing non stop in your class.

Cardio Workout 32 Count : Approx. 59 Min.
Cooldown : 10 min.
BPM : 145
Class : High Impact, Aerobic, Step
Compiled and Mixed by JADE SE7EN


No. Artist Track name BPM
1 Energy Syndicate, F.O.I.D Insomnia 145
2 Sito & Cheka Tonight 145
3 Luke H Dont stop the hoover 145
4 Mark Heyes Menopause 145
5 Sergio Gonzalez The space shoppe 145
6 Spice boys You wanna be my brother 145
7 DJ Oskar I believe again (Hard bounce mix) 145
8 RAFA DJ Too late 145
9 Ginex Asiss Feel Alive 145
10 Poomstyles Think about the vibe 145
11 ADM  Acid Reflux 145
12 Valex/ Paul King Music is my life 145
13 Harry hard/  Marie Louise Be free (Fred Swift remix) 145
14 Rowdie Twister 145
15 Sito & Cheka Live it up 145
CoolDown Mix    
16 Umami Sunny (Original Mix) 123
17 Fatboy Slim Praise You (Maribou State Remix) 123