CHART ATTACK Winter 2022

SEK 319.00

You listen to your favorite songs, feel the beat pulsing in your body, and just want to move.
Do you know that feeling?
That's exactly what our new Chart Attack Winter 2022 delivers:
full chart power with the current and upcoming hits in a brilliant mix
that delights again with its outrageous hit density.
It grooves, it pushes, it motivates.
You can expect 25 tracks per CD/download including intro,
finals and cooldowns, starting with 130-135 BPM on CD1
and 128/126-122 BPM on CD2.
Included are Adele, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Elton John & Dua Lipa,
Coldplay, Robin Schulz, Ava Max and many more that the charts
and radio stations couldn't get past.
A true all-rounder for your courses with that extra bit of chart!
Choose your chart-topping Cardio, Toning or Double Pack format now.

Double CD
Royalty Free