Pilates 6

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Pilates 6

A double CD set with 2 non-stop Pilates Workouts. CD1 has a more energetic flow whilst CD2 contains a more tranquility flow.


Total play 125m, MPIL21306

Music: Low Tempo, Chill Out, Lounge, Worldmusic

Recommended for: Pilates, Cooldown, Stretch

CD1 - Workout 1 approx. 60m.  
Tr Title of Sound Recording Main Performers
1 Santa Maria Gotan Project
2 Lament N°2 Dale Cornelius
3 Neyuki Uttara Kuru
4 Absence of fear Bliss
5 Uluwatu Pravana
6 Long life Bonobo
7 Southern light Yves Coignet
8 Dunia Tchando
9 Song for Olabi Bliss
10 Siwa moonlight Daniel Masson
11 Dust of paradise Yves Coignet
12 The last world Yves Coignet
13 Under the ocean Buddhattitude
CD2 - Workout 2 approx. 60m.  
Tr Title of Sound Recording Main Performers
1 100 billion stars Lux
2 Sunset disco Lux
3 Cha-ka too Hibiki Connection
4 Invisible M-Seven
5 Espalmador Afterlife
6 Te karranga Rhian Sheehan
7 More then ever people Levitation
8 Dub in ya mind Afterlife
9 Holding on Miro
10 Autumn leaves Coldcut
11 Gymnastics Ganga & Erik Satie
12 Trouble in paradise Unkle
13 To heal Underworld