DJ Dorcho - Rare Grooves -DL

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Compiled by Peter Dorch
Delicious funk for the floor

Welcome to take part of this deep dive into the world of dance funk .
A rare mix of carefully selected tracks from Peters private DJ collection that does not appear on any other compilation.
For this compilation we have used many of the tracks that Peter played at  nightclubs and radioshows back in the days.
The music is also blended with some brand new tracks that have the ”right sound”.

Cardio Workout 32 Count : 56 Min
Bonus Track & Cool Down : 15 min

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Compiled by Peter Dorch

Peter Dorch is one of Swedens most experienced club and radio DJ´s
He has an unique collection of vinyls CDs and musicfiles from the 70s until today.
This compilation represents the music he played on clubs as:
Club Mo1, Bacci Funky Basement, Dixie Queen, Amphion, Fregatten, Atlantic
And on radio shows as : Disco 91 & Studio 102

Peter is the founder and owner of and

Peter is available for bookings.



No. Track Name Artist BPM
1 Wicked Funk Kwanzaa Posse 110
2 Rip The Funk Dave Gerrard 111
3 What U Waiting for Jungle Brothers 112
4 Broken glass George Duke 112
5 Big Mouth Adolescent Funk 113
6 So Ruff So Tuff Roger 113
7 Sweet Heat Chocolate Milk 114
8 Lets talk One Way 114
9 Sexomatic Bar Kays 115
10 Go Go Bananas (Qdup Foundation Remix) All Good Funk 115
11 Drunk On The Funk (feat Think Tank) Neighbour 116
12 Shake Shot (Wack Records) Funktomas 116
13 Dynamite (The Bomb) Shotgun 117
14 Back to the Power (Slynk Remix) Calagad13 117
15 Let's make it Funky Slynk 118
16 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (Blow Your Whistle) Gary Toms Empire 118
17 Give it to me baby Agent 86 119
18 Funky Music Overdose (Louies Kitchen) Funky Destinations 119
19 The Law Is Wrong Malente 120
20 Go Deep Janet Jackson 102
21 Cutie Pie One Way 102
22 Straberry Letter Brothers Johnson 91