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DEEP DIVE Lucia N. Schmidt

DEEP DIVE Lucia N. Schmidt
DEEP DIVE Lucia N. Schmidt
375,00 SEK

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Aktivitet Yoga/Pilates
Musik genre Ambient/Relaxed
Märke Move-Ya



The new wonderful composition by Lucia Nirmala Schmidt includes music flowing in gentle pace,
influenced by the movements of the tides.
It forms a supporting frame with its expression and its vibration for Yoga and other quiet Body & Mind classes.
The music flows through you, pushes in waves from within your body and permeates every cell of your body.
The body gets pulses to relax and it opens the space that makes it easy for you to explore your inner world and delve into your inner nature.
An adventure in which we breath - coupled with mindfulness - accompanied as a driving force for movement.
If you dive deep into your body, you will experience the direct contact with life.

Total Play: 73 min
BPM: Div
Class: Sonstiges


Track    Title BPM Time
01   Sich Verbinden - 24:00
02   Eintauchen - 25:00
03   Ankommen - 24:00