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Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about the music. Request songs or provide general feedback to us. If you are experiencing technical problems, you can troubleshoot in the simple steps outlined below.

Contact us easily by our contact form further down this page. If case of an urgent error report. A text message will be sent automatically to the technician currently in service.


Follow this troubleshooting guide to fix most common problems as fast as possible.

1.  Check for other services / equipment that are connected to the same network works.

2.  Ensure that all cables are properly connected. There shall be three cables attached: power, network cable, audio cable.

3.  Check that the device is turned on (a small blue LED)

4.  Restart the box. Unplug the power cord for five seconds and plug it back in. Some models have a small round on/off button you need to press for the box to start and the LED to light up.

5.  After rebooting. Wait a minute, then plug headphones directly into the box to check if the box delivers sound.

6.  Insert a USB stick into the box for 2 minutes. There will be an HTML file on the stick, that contains a log that shows the status of the network connection and the contact with the online service. Please send the file back to us and we'll continue to troubleshoot from here  

7.  Unplug the network cable box and plug it into a laptop with WiFi turned off and open a web browser to ensure that you can get on the Internet.

8.  Check your firewall settings and make sure the correct ports are open. You can find them here.

9.  Go to https://auth.api.soundtrackyourbrand.com/ when you are on the same network as the box and see if you can get in touch with our service. It will say "hello" if everything works fine. We recommend you do this test in Chrome browser.

10.  Replace the network cable with a new one.

11. If it still appears that the radio box is the reason why the music is not working, we will send out an exchange radio box to you if service agreement or product warranty applies. Please fill out the form below with delivery address, contact person and phone number. In cases where service agreement or product warranty is NOT available. You wil be charged cost for radio box and shipping.


Send feedback or create an error report here:

Please write to us in Swedish or English and provide a trouble description as detailed as possible.


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